Renewal Of Vows

How about renewing your vows to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary? Why not surprise your partner and get the kids involved. A lovely way to say “Thank You”

Why not surprise your parents with a gift voucher from you for a Renewal of vows ceremony. Forget the gift voucher why not just surprise them and gather all the family around for a wonderful wedding anniversary gift. Reaffirmation of Vows are a special way you can declare your love for each other in front of people who weren’t at your wedding and can serve as a way to bring together your family and friends.

Baby Namings

Baby Namings are a pleasure as they bring a family and friends together to support and focus on the new baby. More people are opting for baby naming ceremonies instead of church based ceremonies.

A baby naming ceremony gives everyone the opportunity to be part of something great. A new born baby is a joy to everyone. Who doesn’t go weak at the knees when looking at a new addition to a family.

In today’s society where we have so many extended families with stepbrothers and sisters, a baby naming can bring an extended family together. When brothers and sisters are included in the celebration this can also add a feeling of inclusion. I write a special poem for each baby whom I have had the pleasure of naming. Besides baby getting a naming certificate, other family members directly involved in the ceremony will get one too.

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies are for couples who do not want to be married but want to commit their lives and love to each other and in front of their family and friends.

It is similar to a wedding ceremony but is not legal (on paper that is). However for those committing themselves to each other it is very real.


Funeral’s have taken on a different perspective in modern times. People are now looking for a ceremony that is individually prepared, based around the life of the person who has died not the death itself.

Since a funeral is about the mourners and not the deceased I offer a personalized celebration of the deceased. Needless to say your lost loved one will have certain requests too which will also be carried out to the letter. These requests made by the deceased are also there to comfort you in your grieving.

The funeral ceremony is about you and your family and your grief, let me help you organize a special day where you may reflect on the life, your loved one has lived.

Master Of Ceremonies

My expertise as a Toastmaster provides you with a professional MC for your special ceremony. I am well versed in wedding speech structure and have the experience as a professional MC behind me.

Should you choose me to be your celebrant and would like me to be your MC we can work out a special package to suit your budget. As your MC I promise not to drink and tell embarrassing stories like Uncle Harry would. LOL

Life Celebrations

Life Celebrations can be whatever you want them to be. If they don’t fit into the ceremonies that I have named then we can get together and have a chat about what it is you need but can’t quite figure it out.

  • Christening a Boat
  • Saying Farewell to a Family Pet
  • Housewarming with a Difference
  • Office Opening
  • Graduation Party